Breakable (A Smosh Fanfiction) Chapter 1

by Smosher Taylor

here we go!

In 7th grade, Ian Hecox was not one of the, “Cool Kids.” He was usually alone, unless he was with his best friend, Anthony Padilla. Anthony was actually very popular in their school, and ALWAYS got the girls. Ian on the other hand, was the opposite. He could barely speak to a girl. Then, one day in the middle of Creative Writing, SNAP. His pencil broke.
(Lol yes, boring prologue.)
“Crap…” Ian muttered under his breath. He stared at his broken pencil with an annoyed look. He was almost done the assignment, and his pencil just HAD to broke. He looked around the room seeing who to borrow a pencil from. He figured no one would give him one. Nobody really liked Ian. He got up to ask the teacher until he spotted Taylor Rines. Taylor Rines was pretty and smart, but not popular. “Might aswell try.” Ian whispered to himself, standing up. He walked over to Taylor’s desk and paused before asking; “Um, hey… Do you have a pencil I could borrow?” Taylor looked up, and smiled sweetly at Ian. “Sure, one sec.” She said. “Pretty smile…” Ian thought. Or, at least he MEANT to think it. “Heh, thanks.” Taylor said, handing Ian a freshly sharpened pencil. “Thanks, and you’re welcome.” He replied blushing. He walked back to his desk and quickly finished his assignment. The bell rang just as Ian finished. He handed in his paper and scurried off to find Taylor.

“Taylor!” He called. She whipped around and smiled when she saw him. He blushed, remembering what he said earlier. “Um, heres your pencil.” He said, handing it to her. “Oh, its ok, keep it. Its Ian, right?” She asked, still smiling. ” Yeah. Well I gotta go. Bye Taylor.”

 Across the hall, Anthony had seen what happened and was ready to greet Ian at his locker. “Hey dude,  who is the girl?” He asked, leaning against the lockers . “Taylor, Taylor Rines.” Ian replied, opening his locker. “She’s cute. You like her?” Anthony asked, nudging his friend. “Well, I don’t know. She’s pretty but I don’t really know her.” He answered. “Get to know her a bit man! C’mon, we got PE.” Anthony said as Ian slammed his locker shut. Ian rolled his eyes as they walked into the large Gym. “Shes in our PE class, there is your chance dude!” Anthony said, shoving him towards Taylor.  “Hi Taylor. I didn’t know we took PE together.” Ian greeted. “Oh, hi. We’ve been in school for 6 months, you didn’t notice?” She asked curiously. ‘You’re such an idiot.’ Ian thought to himself. “Well I know, but I forgot.” He tried. “Ohhh, ok.” She laughed, stretching. “Mmk, bye.” Ian said, walking back to his friend in shame. “How’d it go?” Anthony asked curiously. “Terrible.” Ian muttered.

Alright, thats the end of Chapter one! Hope you enjoyed.

Special thanks to Abby for being so amazing! Read her fanfic!